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One of Master Jones’ first efforts was to unify American Karate through the introduction of the “Universal Karate System.”  This System was designed for Americans, including all styles of Karate: hard and soft, hands and feet. In this style, Master Jones developed five snake forms that have been accepted throughout the country. The Universal Karate System will prevail at all National Karate League, Inc. tournaments. Master Jones continues to insist on following a traditional program of Karate discipline, both physical and mental.

Even with all of this to his credit, Master Jim Jones continues to look for other frontiers to pioneer in the world of Karate.  Grand Master Jones is now a 10th degree Black Belt and has been featured in numerous books on Karate.  Most recently he was given a chapter in two books. The first of the two books is called “Men of Steel Discipline”, written by William Hinton, and was thought to be the first book to recognize black Martial Arts masters.  William’s second book was called “The Universal Mind”, which recognizes top martial artists throughout the United States.  In his civilian life, Jones still resides in the Chicago land area with his wife, Marian, and his three children, Michael, Jocelyn, and James Emile.

Some of Jones’s early students are today’s leading instructors, top tournament contenders and champions. Master Jones is recognized by many as the father of Midwest Karate through his visionary leadership and his dedication to the Martial Arts. As a pioneer, he still works to better the art of Karate.